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Our Story

It’s taken me one year to figure out how to tell our story, but I have finally decided to share. My name is Brianna and I am the owner of Breezy’s Chic Boutique. On August 1, 2018, the doors to my business opened, (hypothetically speaking, we are on an online business), I decided to start the venture of owning an online clothing store. This wasn’t meant to be a typical clothing store though. I wanted it to be all about fun, family, fashion, happiness, and love. This business was meant to help my family which having fun and putting myself out there as a business owner.
After a few months of being open, I decided I couldn’t do this on my own. My younger sister, Chloe, who you see in all my lives decided to join in and help me and ever since she has been my right hand woman. Not only has my sister joined, but my mom as been the woman behind the camera, and my brother has been my sidekick in creating off the wall customs. This entire business is all about sharing our love for family, fashion, and creativity.
So what was the main reason for me starting this business? Well, long story short, my family. Years ago my dad took a prescription drug causing him to fall ill, in which the doctors declared him terminal. In the last couple years I have watched his health decrease and I wanted to find a way to supplement income to help support my family. This business has not only helped me to spread my love of fashion and family, but it has brought my family closer together, and that is all I could ask for.
We don’t just want to just sell clothing, we want to create long lasting relationships with our customers. We want to have fun, which is why we might act goofy in lives, not follow a script, or do random casual lives. This boutique wouldn’t be a success without all of our amazing customers supporting us! For that we couldn’t be more thankful!
With all of this being said we finally have our mission statement: Breezy’s Chic Boutique is all about combining our love of sisterhood and fashion!