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It's a family effort!

Posted by Brianna Killian (Owner of Breezy's Chic Boutique) on 23rd Apr 2019

It's a family effort!

All about coming together to build this business!

Today, we are focusing on building this new website. I am beyond excited to get everything up and going! Finally! It is taking some time, but we are getting somewhere with all hands on to speak.

We wanted to give you real and let you in one what goes on behind the scenes, so here it is. Can you see the sibling love in the picture? When one needs help we all pitch in to get it done. Since this is a family business, my younger brother and sister, along with my mom are all pitching in to help with the long process of getting the inventory up.

This process seems never ending and repetitive. It seems like a victory when you get through one bucket, then you turn around and realize there are twenty more to go....So for the sake of saving time I am going to keep our first post short.

Feel free to keep an eye on our new website as we will be adding inventory the entire day...continuing this never ending, repetitive process of listing, measure, weighing, and putting it all back....